Offering insight and experience in countless verticals. Rather than just blindly purchasing equipment and hoping for the best. SRS works within your business to understand a typical day and who is going to be flying the aircraft or using the system and what types of applications are best suited for the operating environment. After conducting a site-survey the SRS team can determine if training can be conducted on-site or at one of our approved training centers. SRS will create an ideal operating environment that leads to successful missions and quick returns on investment.



Using electric co-ops as an example: SRS has successfully integrated flight operations into the everyday lives of the electric linemen for improved visibility, line safety and more. By providing a flight manual specific to the uses of the UAS, the end user can repeatedly reference the manual after the training has been conducted. Now the UAS system has become an everyday tool enabling the linemen to have improved safety and visibility like never before. Companies who train with SRS are guaranteed a successful first mission or their money back. For case studies and more information contact SRS directly.






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