UAS Facility Management




As the global unmanned systems market accelerates forward, so does the need for best-in-class testing facilities and training sites. SRS is a global first when it comes to enabling a regular public/private/military use airport to carry out unmanned operations in shared airspace. This puts a real-world testing/flying environment in the hands of the operator renting the time. The FAA has fully vetted and approved of integrated airspace at these specific sites. The FAA is also using the data gathered at these locations to better understand the unmanned industry.




SRS has a dedicated system testing facility located at NASA Wallops Island Virginia. With a 3000 plus foot runway and large VTOL launch pad, the Mars UAS testing facility has been home to clients such as: the US Navy, Department of Defense and countless private companies. With an air-conditioned mission planning and mission control room, the Mars UAS testing facility is the proud example of these facilities or (Drone Ports) will look int the future. Interested parties should contact SRS directly. SRS manages and runs many facilities in the USA offering a plethora of understanding of how to conceptualize, fund, integrate and launch a successful operation.

Virginia MARS UAS Facility.



                                                        • Featuring an Air-Conditioned Control Room, with lavatory.
                                                        • Only Facility On East Coast of United States.
                                                        • 3000′ Foot Runway Length, capable of most UAS.
                                                        • 75′ Foot Runway Width, ensuring TO/LDG Saftey.
                                                        • 5000 PSI Rated for VTOL (Verticle Takeoff & Landing)
                                                        • FAA integrated/Legal compliance assistance.
                                                        • 75 Mile Restricted Airspace within the NAS.
                                                        • 5.8 Million Dollar Facility, state of the art.





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