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Engineering Done Right.

At SRS we are not just a consulting company. Our dynamic team of engineers has developed some amazing products for the marketplace. Whether it’s the Mobile Sentinel, or the MagpieX... SRS has proved its engineering capabilities though bringing to completion, complex engineering requirements. Information on each one of these products can be found below. If you are interested in products endorsed by SRS and vetted as a viable option for your business needs, visit our re-seller page!

Autonomous mobile security

Mobile Sentinel V2.0

A Stand-Alone, Remotely Monitored Network System that can be tailored to meet specific Safety, Security, Management, and Internet Service Requirements. The SRS Silvus connected mobile Sentinel is designed to be operated by a Traffic Control Person via remote control, from a safe location. Can be used as an AFAD device.

  • User friendly cloud based operations software.
  • Lightweight design, highly mobile.
  • Large gate arm. Great visibility.
  • 4k Camera with zoom, mesh networking.
  • Unmanned Systems Deployment
Unmatched endurance with one pound payload.

Sentinel Aerium

Something is brewing in the air at SRS... For the past few years, SRS has made it an objective to bring to life a best-in-breed fully autonomous UAS system with winning flight times. Coined the Sentinel Aerium, SRS looks to bring to both the government/commercial markets both flight time and payload like the industry has never experienced.

  • 80+ MIN Flight Time
  • Supports 1lb payload
  • Complete automation
  • Portable by design
  • Ideal for surveillance
  • Silent Motors

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