Salisbury, MD – March 25, 2019 – Wicomico (Md.) County Executive Bob Culver and SBY Regional Airport Manager Dawn Veatch today announced an agreement with Sentinel Robotics Solutions (SRS) that will expand the offerings of Salisbury Regional Airport to include a significant Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operation.

“SRS will be the first partner in the new SBY Regional Airport Center for Innovation – a major facility for the development, manufacturing, and testing of Unmanned Aircraft Systems on the East Coast,” said Dawn Veatch, SBY Regional Airport Manager. “This is the start of our ‘next’ chapter in the expansion of our capabilities.”

The County will begin development of the new Center for Innovation complex early this spring. The 7,200 square foot hangar will accommodate drone aircraft that have a wingspan of up to 70 feet and an overall tail height of up to 25 feet.

“This is the next step in the redevelopment of the airport and very exciting moment for Wicomico County,” added Culver. “We look forward to opening the facility by the spring of 2020.”

Founded in 2012, SRS was originally established as an Unmanned Systems Consulting Partnership and has since expanded the company’s organic capabilities to include services, support, system integration and custom production solutions. SRS is an established leader in developing and operating UAS facilities for both commercial and government use.

“We are proud to partner with Wicomico County and the City of Salisbury in support of the Airport’s expansion of commercial capabilities and the growing UAS industry,” said John Robinson, SRS Chief Operating Officer.

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